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πŸ”₯ Full Stack Web Development
This Edureka Web Development Full Course video will help you understand and learn Web Development in detail. This Web Development Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master Web Development technologies. Below are the topics covered in this Web Development tutorial for beginners

00:00 Introduction
1:46 HTML
2:03 What is HTML?
2:45 Structure of HTML
3:38 HTML Editors
4:21 Writing a HTML program
5:14 Doctype Declaration
6:30 Elements
15:40 HTML Forms
30:55 CSS
30:54 What is CSS?
31:59 CSS Syntax
32:32 CSS Selectors
33:54 CSS Box Model
34:31 CSS Units
1:34:26 JavaScript
1:35:01 What is Javascript?
1:36:46 JavaScript Stats
1:37:34 What can JavaScript do?
1:38:58 JavaScript Framework
1:41:44 Top Websites Built Using JavaScript
1:42:10 Benefits of JavaScript
1:44:21 JavaScript Fundamentals
1:51:23 JavaScript Variables
1:52:59 JavaScript Constants
1:52:58 JavaScript Data Types
2:03:31 JavaScript Objects
2:09:30 JavaScript Functions
2:12:38 JavaScript Conditional Statements
2:18:35 JavaScript Loops
2:27:36 JavaScript Switch Case
2:30:34 jQuery
2:34:21 Why use jQuery?
2:36:51 Getting started with jQuery
2:39:31 DOM
2:40:19 jQuery Selectors
2:47:58 jQuery Methods
3:20:58 jQuery Effects
3:36:46 jQuery UI
3:45:25 Angular
3:51:56 What is Angular?
3:56:44 Single Page Application
3:58:31 Angular 8: What’s new?
4:02:03 Angular Project Setup
4:06:16 Writing the Angular First App
4:21:32 What is Typescript?
4:22:59 Integrating Ext CSS
4:32:53 Angular Components
4:55:38 Data Binding
5:06:51 Event Binding
5:25:20 Using Built-in Directives
5:44:37 React.js
5:45:57 Why ReactJs?
5:50:14 Introduction to ReactJS
5:53:39 Advantages of ReactJS
5:54:10 ReactJS Installation
5:59:37 RasctJS Fundamentals
6:00:17 JSX
6:04:30 React Components
6:09:12 React Props
6:11:49 React States
6:16:54 React Lifecycle
6:22:34 React Events
6:31:06 React Refs
6:38:47 React Keys
6:39:48 React Routers
6:52:14 Node.js
6:53:24 What is Node.js?
6:54:43 Features of Node.js
6:55:34 Node.js Architecture
6:57:27 NPM
6:58:58 Node.js Modules
7:01:04 JSON File
7:06:00 Node.js basics
7:08:12 Node.js Operators
7:10:21 Node.js Functions
7:11:42 Node.js Objects
7:12:34 Node.js File System
7:16:21 Node.js Events
7:27:11 Node.js HTTP Module
7:28:14 Express.JS
7:29:29 Node.js Demo
7:41:13 MEAN Stack Application
7:44:51 CRUD Operations
7:44:56 RESTful API
7:45:39 Contact List MEAN App
9:00:49 MERN Stack Applications
9:03:15 MERN CRUD
9:04:02 MERN Application To-Do List App
10:05:10 How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer?

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About The

Full Stack Web Development Masters Program makes you proficient in skills to work with back-end and front-end web technologies.
It includes training
1. Web Development,
2. jQuery, Angular,
3. NodeJS,
4. ExpressJS, and
5. MongoDB.
The curriculum has been determined by extensive research on 5000+ job descriptions across the globe.


How It Works?

1. This is a 21 Week Instructor-led Online Course, 125 hours of assignment and 125 hours of project work
2. We have a 24×7 One-on-One LIVE Technical Support to help you with any problems you might face or any clarifications you may require during the course.
3. At the end of each course, there will be a project, post completion of that project you will be given a certificate


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