Merge Gold Tree Android Gameplay Trailer

Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020

Want to grow some gold?
Want to go Idle?
Love merge games?
Gold now grows on tree! Check it out now.

Gold Tree is a simple merge game. Place pots to grow gold trees. Drag and drop similar pots together to get better pots.
Gold Tree can go Idle! Every once in a while every pot will generate some gold. The better pots, the better tree you get. The better tree, the higher gold income!

Purchase new pots to fill the spots. More pots more gold. Simple. Easy.
Get boosts to accelerate gold income. Boosts can stack!

– Gold trees!
– Idle merge game
– Boosts to accelerate income
– Owls for a random reward

– Buy pots
– Plant tree
– Collect gold
– Profit

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Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020