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The Summer Palace is one of the last major imperial gardens of the over 3000-year Monarchy Era in China. It endured the reign of the last 7 emperors, countless wars that shaped Chinese modern history, Socialism from its very beginning, through the far left mentality and the characters of today’s society.

It is located in northeastern modern Beijing and covers over 700 acres of land of its entirety. Being the recreational and ceremonial project as it started, it is now one of the biggest city public parks and tourist attractions in the heart of this metropolis.

This presentation aims to dig deep into history. By uncovering the train of thought from generations of the imperial architect family, translating the documents and specs from its initial design, through multiple major renovations and rebuilding, we want to demonstrate the very core philosophy of this chapter of the city that represents the last peak of Chinese imperial architecture design.

Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020