Let’s Play Modded RimWorld A16 Season 3 Part 34 Pioneer

Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020

We make steps towards starting a cult… Where will this lead?

As always, subscribers can join the colony! Let me know in the comments if there’s a colonist you want to be, or if you want to be a M.A.I.!

Mods used are as
HugLib by UnlimitedHugs
PrisonerRansom (A16) by erdelf
Nackblad Inc Rimhair by Nackblad
Spoons Hair Mod by Spoonshortage
Allow Tool by Unlimited Hugs
The Mad Rabbits of Caerbannog by ZorbaTHut
Crafting Hysteresis by ZorbaTHut
I Can Fix It! by ZorbaTHut
Blueprints by Fluffy
OSHA Compliance by ZorbaTHut
A World Without Hat by ZorbaTHut
Silly Builder, Surgery is for Doctors by ZorbaTHut
Rimsenal – Rimhair by rooki1
Lovely Hair Style by BJInternetSupervision
Shutdown All by TheUbie
Maid Project by BJInternet Supervision
Trading Spot by TheUbie
RimHair Styles Merged normal and nekos by DZW
[sd] bridges by sulusdacor
Quantum Cooling by Alaestor
[sd] advancded powergeneration by sulusdacor
Xeva’s Rimhair (A14, A15) by Orion
Medical Training by ItchyFlea
Miscellaneous ‘CORE’ by Haplo
Misc. MapGenerator by Haplo
Animal Tab by Fluffy
Hand Me That Brick by Dingo
Look At Me, I’m The Worker Now by ZorbaTHut
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering by Ykara
Step Away From The Medicine by ZorbaTHut
Colony Manager by Fluffy
More Trade Ships by blerkz
Astra Militarum Imperial Guard and Turret Addon by QuantumX
Refugee Stats by Shirkie01
Hospitality A16 by Orion
Misc. Robots by Haplo
Misc. Objects by Haplo
RimFridge by Vendan
Misc. Robots++ by Alaestor
A Dog Said… and A Dog Said…-EPOE compatibility patch by spoonshortage and kaptain_kavern
Set-Up Camp and Camping Stuff by Nandonalt
Roof Support A16 by Match
Caravan Spot by Hatti
Faction Discovery A16 by Orion
Conduit Deconstruct by TheWireLord
Vegetable Garden by dismarzero
Advanced Hydroponics Basin by CaptainJuicy
RT Solar Flare Shield by Ratys
ExtendedStorage by Skullywag
Misc. MAI by Haplo
Colony Leadership by Nandonalt
add hair by ameiro
Pests by Nandonalt
JTReplace Walls by Jamestec
WorldPawnGC by Zhentar
Stack Merger by Fluffy
Tale Log by Nandonalt
[A16] Red Army and [A16] Wehrmacht by orannj
Hunt for Me by Nandonalt
QualitySurgeon by Hatti
VoHair by hanjuku
Research Scrollbars by Supes
Rimsenal Pack by rooki12k
Legacy Ark and Legacy A Dog Said patch by lindseyrie
Imperial Guard Additional Factions Mod by QuantumX
Romance Diversified by SeveralPuffins
Change Dresser by Kiame Vivacity
Smooth Stone Walls by Rainbeau Flambe
Hauling Hysteresis by Vendan
Select Turret Target by sectoid
Allow DeadMansApparel by Hatti
No Random Construction Quality by BallC
Dubs Skylight, Dubs Rimkit(Medkit), and Dubs Bad Hygiene by Dubwise56
WM Smarter food selection by Wishmaster
FishIndustry by Rikiki
MJ – MiniMap (A16) by Maruo Junior
Portal Turrets and Cocoa’s Embrasures by Lazy Cocoa
Snowy Trees by Nandonalt
SS Lightning Rod by Spdskatr
Knight Sculpture and witch Sculpture by anamin_8
Mod List Backup by scuba156
Persistent Worlds [WIP] by scuba156
Machinoid Ship Extension by Vaniat
Less Arbitary Surgery by Psychology
I’ve Got You In My Sights by DonationBox
More Furniture by Anonemous2
Star Wars – Factions and Fully Functional Lightsabers by Defenders of Peace
Pawns Paint! by Willelbini
Call of Cthulhu Collection by Jecrell
Mad Skills by Ratys
My Cute Ear by ZhaoShi
LT-DoorMat by Latta
Glitter Tech by Sam
Ghost Army by Vaniat
Training Console by CaptainJuicy
Turret Collection by eatKenny, duduluu
More Vanilla Turrets by Marnador
JTExport by Jamestec
CloseAndPersonal by Zwei
Industrialisation by eatKenny, duduluu
Industrialisation – Glitter Tech Addon by daedelus
Storage Search A16 and AllowFresh Patch by Killface

To make Smooth Stone in Minecraft you need to use your Furnace to turn Cobblestone into Stone by combining Cobblestone and Coal. Then you can make Smooth Stone by combining Coal and Stone.

To create Smooth Stone Slab you will arrange three smooth stones horizontally in the center of the 3×3 grid on your crafting table.

Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020