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Hungry Shark Evolution Hack – Unlimited Gold and Diamonds 100% Working # SFI Videos

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For today’s Ancient DOS Games Mod video, Gemini’s giving a quick overview of Wolfenstein 3D editing, focussing primarily on making new levels. Since Wolfenstein 3D was not built with modding in mind, the process may be simple, but the effects are permanent, so it’s important to keep backups of your main game files the entire time.

The end result of this video is a fully functional level you can download and play for yourself! (Technically two levels as I added a small boss arena as a second level in order to close out the episode properly and not crash the game.) Just follow this link if you wish to download


Additional Information and

* Just a quick update that the author of WDC, Adam Biser, has since seen this video and corrected the crash bug I ran into! 😀

* A great place to go for just a whole bunch of downloads (keeping in mind a few are out of date) is the Wolfenstein 3D Vault. This is also where I recommend you acquire ChaosEdit from as the official downloads don’t seem to work right

* The Wolf3D Data Compiler can be found

* The ECWolf port can be acquired from

* Because Id Software used a lot of the same tech between their various games, and because 3rd parties using the same tech didn’t make huge changes, these editors can often read and modify data for other games too. Don’t be surprised if we end up using one of them again in a future ADG Mod video! :B


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Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020