How to Make an Orchestral Album Behind the Music of Reprise EP

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Introduction – 0:00
Part The Setting – 4:10
Part The Initial Concept – 17:59
Part The Composition – 19:40
Part The Collaboration – 26:18
Part The Recordings – 32:03
Part The Master Project – 42:55
Part The Release – 50:36
Conclusion – 56:42

In November 2019 I released Reprise EP, a short orchestral album that involved more work both in the composition and collaborative stage than ever before in my career. To mark the significance of the original tracks, and the start of a new decade, my friends and I worked together to make this video showing you how the EP was made and, should you be looking to write an album of your own, provide an insight into how it all works from the perspective of someone who is new to the industry but has amassed enough experience to make it a full-time career.

I don’t claim for this to be the definitive guide, nor is it close to being complete, but I believe this covers the bare minimum of everything you need to know for writing, producing and releasing an album (of any kind) from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks again to Rory Sherman and Sidonie Bishop for filming and taking part in this video, it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

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Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020