Game Utopia Origin Review Hearth 12 Max Level | My House from Clay with Fishing Center

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Level 12:
+ Max 12
+ Max Floor : 7
+ Foot Size : 38*38
+ Max Walls : 1200
+ Max title : 3000
+ Max Doors : 40
I’m try make a clip about make S.S Valor with Basic
Speed farm iron 1500/hr ~ 150 Steal

but with S.S Valor not good and easy as a shark mount,…
Basic Turret not good as a Gold Bow,…
so not make that clip,… very waste time
If are you want building try with Free Build 3D Mode, not need make wall,… just test your house – hearth with max level 12
This my hearth, level 12, wall with brick,…
When fishing crawfish( craw fish) – abalone for tame parrot mount or hairy crab – geoduck for tame shark mount… need so much Large and King Earthworm, never use small …(very easy find them around lake)..
and so much clay for make brick,…
If are you a newbie, just make a sleeping bag, farm stone, iron,… make pick for mine get rich exp, sword for fight Imp get orb,…
Gold item very good when level 30 or higher, don’t find crystal, obsidian plans, for tame pet, very waste time
Just make full gold set, and tame a parrot, a shark,… not need fight too much,… and build your hearth,…
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My Standard/World Mode/Peace/PVE 105
My Linus_PvP
#Adventure #Survival with #Building
Adventure Survival Building
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