Coin Farming in Grimshaw 2 part 2

Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020

I have started this Playlist to help all of us who love Merge Dragons get through all the levels and grow as much as we can in camp! I will create tutorials for anyone who asks, but there are a lot out there already. Not going to recreate the wheel lol! Feel free to PM me with any questions
I have added a PDF of all levels and secret levels etc. –
Love this game!

In this video, i teach you on how to texture procedurally in blender using my method. it may be not that perfect but if you guys can share with us about a better method, please do it in the comment.

free texture sites :

My bevel tutorial :

My timelapse video that i use this method :

Artstation :

Sketchfab :


Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020