Cheap Tricks | Pixar’s Onward Half Dad Effect tutorial

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Have you ever wanted to erase the top part of a body and just have a pair of legs walking around? Of course you have!

In this episode Cheap Tricks, Hashi The Action Movie Dad shows you how to create the half-Dad from Pixar’s Onward. In shots ranging from simple to advanced, he’ll cover a variety of techniques for erasing characters from static and dynamic shots using 3D plate projection. You’ll also learn to conjure some Onward-Inspired magic spells and beams. If live action footage isn’t your thing, Hashi also covers how to use Adobe’s Mixamo with Maxon Cinema 4D to create your own animated Dad legs in just 10 minutes or less.

Download the project files
Grab some amazing magic assets

Table of
00:00 – Intro
02:05 – “Easy” (Static Shot)
03:20 – Matte Choker Tips
06:02 – Hacking the Tracking
10:18 – Waist Surface
11:03 – Light Beams and AE Particles
12:44 – Supercomp
14:38 – “Medium” (Moving Camera Shot)
15:10 – Camera Tracking
15:45 – Simple Plate “Projection”
20:17 – Failure to Track
22:05 – Particular Particles
24:00 – “DIFFICULT” (Super-Challenging Shot)
25:50 – Tracking Difficult Shots
26:25 – Plate Projection Again – but more
27:30 – Manually Tracking
28:00 – Masking in Style
29:26 – Rotoscoping FG Objects
30:17 – Recovering and Obscured Character!
31:15 – Summary of the Shrinking Moment
31:30 – Content Aware Fill
33:10 – Knoll Light Factory
34:05 – Trapcode Particular Magic Beam
42:18 – CG Legs (Using Mixamo, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Element)
47:00 – Final Thoughts

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Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020