Ark How To Make Dye Paint Craft Dye In Ark Survival Evolved

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Make dye / paint in Ark Survival Evolved. Spice up your dinosaurs or armor with colored dyes / paint. It’s easy to craft dye in Ark. Learn how to mix water, charcoal, and berries in a cooking pot to make dye. You can make all sorts of colors. Craft dye, then use a paint brush or a paint sprayer to dye your buildings, dinosaurs, and items. Customize your weapons, dinos, armor, flags, and your base. There’s tons of dye colors to choose from and it allows a lot of great customization in Ark!

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▶ How to Craft
▶ How to Tame
▶ How to Craft Kibble to Tame Dinosaurs

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Open -> Merge Dragons Hack 2020