5 Easy Beginner Penny Board Tricks

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In this video I’m showing you 5 beginner tricks on a penny board that you can easily

1. Flip on
2. Frontside carve
3. Backside carve
4. Quick carving
5. Drop

1. So the first thing you want to do is to get your toe underneath your board, this might be a little bit harder with a penny board since the shape is so flat. Once underneath you want jump up, while jumping up you point your foot up a tiny bit so your penny board starts to flip up. If you jumped forward a tiny bit you should land on your penny board and you’re ready to push off. This trick is really easy, only tricky part about it, is that the shape of your penny board is kind weird compared to a regular skateboard so it flips a little different and you might under or over rotate.

2. lean backwards in a really quick way and while doing that you press your feet down on your board a bit harder than usual. That way your board starts to turn. You have to bend your knees a little bit before you start leaning cause otherwise you won’t be able to press your feet down hard enough. It feels a little bit like you’re dodging an object in front of you.

3. it’s exactly the same story but now you’re leaning towards the side of your belly. Lean forwards quickly and press your feet down on your board. Also for this one it feels like you’re trying to dodge something but I do have to say it’s a little bit harder to do this one as quick as the frontside one.

4. you wanna start doing a frontside or backside carve and switch between those two quickly along the way. If done correctly you’ll notice that you lose quite some speed because this is actually just making sharp turns at a fast pace. If you’re really feeling it, you can even do this down a little hill but be careful and think about your own safety aswell.

5. Ride up to an edge, once your about to fall off of the edge, you wanna do a little hop and a little manual at the same time. If done correctly you’ll fly off of the edge with your board in control. Only thing left is to absorb the impact and ride away.

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